• Maureen Kragt


Hello from the Big Pink in Miami! I am really excited to be in town, the weather has been a little on and off but hey! I can't complain when its almost snowing in London.  My day starts with a run on the boardwalk or a training session at the Icon South Beach with Sanders (another Londoner who decided to seek the sun), go for a steam, mix'n'pick your own salad from the salad at Wholefoods.

I concocted my very own paleo tuna nicoise salad: Shredded tuna, mixed lettuce, asparagus spears (yum!), green beans, tomatoes, capers and olives. Top it off with lemon herb vinaigrette. This is day 11 of 21 paleo challenge. If I am still hungry, I am have a juice, one of favorites: lemon, ginger, cayenne chili, grapefruit with a little honey. This juice is a serious fat burner, why? 

Lemon: you must have heard of Beyonce famous "lemonade cleanse" well, lemon help detox, promotes healthy liver and digestion, meaning less food is converted to fat! (that's a winner)

Grapefruit: contains fat burning enzyme and lowers insulin levels (blood sugar levels).

Ginger: increases the immune system.

Honey: full of healthy enzymes and vitamin B. Cleanses the blood and contains antioxidants

I am wearing: White crop top by Asos Bandage Pencil skirt by Herve Leger Banana print wedges by Pin-Up star