• Maureen Kragt


The day belongs to those whom wake up early my mother use to tell me when I was a child and she wasn't wrong, especially for self-employed. As an Influencer, you have everyones roles. 

You are your own stylist, assistant, website developer, writer... and many more I am forgetting. From production to final image which make the cut for your instagram post, well plus that caption was has to tease your followers enough to come read your blog post :) 

A TYPICAL DAY 6:15am wake up 7:10am Gym session (I'd rather train in the morning, then it's out of the way, in the evening I have a tendency of becoming a lazy bear) 9:00am breakfast with answering emails 10:00am preparing for shoot: hair and make up 10:30am shoot until 1:00pm or 2:00pm. From 3:00pm meetings for potential collaborations 5:00pm Surfing the web for new trends or getting lost in instagram!  7:00pm Happy hour: Catching up with friends, snapchatting silly things to friends 9:00pm Dinner, mostly likely unhealthy ;) CARBS! CARBS! CARBS! My soulmate Off the bed :)

Luckily for me, I have a mentor and she also happens to have worked over two decades in fashion and high end jewellery industry. She's my aunt, Natasha. Today she is also my agent.

Blogging is a tough world, with over 50,000 new blogs a year only in the UK. I identified various trends in the blogging world, however one less present then others. I decided to building a blog around luxury brands, my blog almost looks like a magazine editorial. My photos are curated to smallest details. We pay attention to detail, thats where I make the difference. Within my year of blogging, my vision has refined and defined itself. Its been a wonderful transition for me, as I can come entirely different background having studied forensic psychology and criminology. 

Today I feel blessed to be part of the Fashion Community which has welcomed my work with open arms.

Thank you to all the brands whom have collaborated with me so far, Its been a real pleasure.

I AM WEARING: Orange Lola Belle fur gilet Black leather pants by Zara Earrings by Ziio